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Trish Stratus also has some explaining to do on Raw

WWE’s YouTube

WWE already told us that Brock Lesnar would be back on Raw this upcoming Monday (April 17). The Beast will presumably answer Cody Rhodes’ challenge for a match at Backlash. We already wondered if he’ll explain attacking Rhodes on the Raw After WrestleMania. And everyone assumes Lesnar will throw some $#!+ around and F5 a poor jamoke or two.

If Brock does tell us why, he won’t be alone. The hype reel for next week’s edition of the red brand also promises that Trish Stratus will be “addressing her attack on Becky Lynch” from the April 10 episode. Stratus’ long-rumored heel turn came after a mysterious attack on Lita led to Trish stepping up as Lynch’s partner for a WWE Women’s Tag title defense, and the makeshift duo losing those belts to Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez.

As you can see in the above video, we’re also being promised a match in between all the addressing and responding.

Two-time WWE champion Bobby Lashley has been adrift since his latest program with Lesnar wrapped up at Elimination Chamber in February, as his planned WrestleMania opponent Bray Wyatt has been out with an undisclosed issue. Lashley got back into the mix last Monday when he & Bronson Reed brawled to a double countout finish. Now, he’ll once again get into it with United States champ Austin Theory, the man who took the red, white and blue belt from the All Mighty in a Triple Threat with Seth Rollins back at last year’s Survivor Series. Theory, Lashley & Rollins beefed over the belt through Royal Rumble, when Big Bob’s issues with Brock flared back up.

So that’s what on deck for Monday night. Sound intriguing enough to get you to tune in?

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