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Madcap Moss got embarrassed

Shinsuke Nakamura needed an opponent to beat up upon his return on Friday Night SmackDown this week and WWE chose for that man to be Madcap Moss. It wasn’t enough that he simply be the guy to take the loss.

No, they set it up to make him look terrible in front of his lady friend too.

That’s because before he ever went out for the match, Emma did an incredible job hyping him up, telling him how he’s bigger, stronger, faster, more buff, has the stuff, has won the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal when Nakamura hasn’t. And, hey, an impressive win could help make him a high draft pick.

To drive it home, she said “we need this.”

Moss got destroyed in the match.

Not content with that, Emma ordered him to attack Nakamura while he wasn’t looking and Shinsuke easily countered him into an armbar. Emma quite literally had to grab his leg and pull him out of the ring to make it stop.

Yeah, that’s pretty embarrassing.

What could possibly be next for this not-so-dynamic duo? Stay tuned. I guess.

Anyway, here are all the videos from SmackDown this week:

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