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Konnan: Dominik Mysterio ‘might be a better heel’ than MJF

Konnan is, of course, not exactly a neutral observer, considering he just inducted Rey Mysterio into the WWE Hall of Fame a couple weeks ago, but it’s worth considering his words here.

Nick Hausman came right out and asked him on the “Haus of Wrestling” show if Dominik Mysterio is a better heel than MJF right now and Konnan had this to say:

“I don’t know, that’s hard to say. They’re just kind of different heels. The thing is is that he might be a better heel for this one reason: people like MJF. People don’t like Dom, so he is a heel. Because, you know, (MJF) went out in Long Island and he was trying to get over and I don’t think Dom would ever do that if he went to San Diego.”

He would go on to say that MJF is “so good and so likeable” that he’s like Ric Flair in the sense that it was hard to truly hate Flair because of how good he was. So this certainly isn’t Konnan knocking MJF.

But it sure is hard to disagree with him when Dominik can hardly speak on WWE television without being drowned out by boos. It’s downright fun to hate that man.

Isn’t that how it’s supposed to be?

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