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WWE gets rid of ‘King & Queen of the Ring,’ announces new name for the show

Last month, WWE announced “King & Queen of the Ring” as the name of their upcoming premium live pay-per-view event on May 27 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

That name didn’t last for long. Just a short while ago, WWE officially axed the original name for the event and gave it a new one: Night of Champions.

WWE ran an annual PPV named Night of Champions from 2008 through 2015, so the name isn’t completely new, but it’s been almost a decade since WWE has used it.

What could be the reason behind the sudden name change? The most obvious explanation might be that “King & Queen of the Ring” sounds awkward.

If not that, maybe WWE has simply soured on the idea of crowning a king and queen this year, as WWE has a history of dropping that tournament concept for extended periods of time as it suits their creative whims.

Then again, who knows, maybe the Saudi government changed its mind about bestowing the title of Queen on their soil. On a somewhat related note and an aside, will Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens have to drop the WWE tag team titles before May 27 given the fact that they don’t work WWE’s Saudi Arabia events?

Could the name change be related to the fact that Roman Reigns will reach 1000 days as WWE Universal champion on that night, so WWE has decided to make the focus of the event all about him being a dominant champion, rather than putting the spotlight on another wrestler as a king?

What do you make of this name change, Cagesiders?

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