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Seth Rollins accused of going off script and walking out of Raw

The Raw after WrestleMania was a bad show. The most confounding segment of all may have been the one where Seth Rollins walked to the ring to be serenaded by the fans singing his entrance theme.

It started as a backstage interview with Seth. He cut the interview short to say the real party was in ring in front of the live fans. So he then did his typical entrance shtick. WWE cut to a commercial during his entrance. When Raw returned from the break, Seth was standing in the ring being serenaded by the fans. He led them along with non verbal gestures towards the end of it, and then he walked out of the ring and right back up the entrance ramp. That was it. Seth said zero words, and nothing really happened. It was a truly bizarre segment.

Former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. thinks there was a lot more going on there than what was visible on TV. On his Wrestling With Freddie podcast, Prinze and co-host Jeff Dye gave their perspective from within the live audience on what they believe happened with Seth:

Dye: “Seth Rollins came out...and then they played a commercial during his intro. And then we could kind of hear him having a freak out on some [production people]. He was going, ‘Why is there a commercial?’ You couldn’t really hear what he was saying, but you could just tell he was mad.”

Prinze: “Yeah, he said, ‘What the hell is going on?’ I saw that come out of his mouth. I think he was more pissed than pissed at [the production people]. I think he was pissed when he went backstage at whoever did that. But if I was him, I would have been just as angry, and I thought the way he dealt with it was so hardcore and awesome.”

Prinze: “We started to see him kind of lose it. And you guys couldn’t see this if you were watching the show...he was pissed, and he was yelling, he was hot. They come back from commercial. He gets a microphone. And you legit just see it in his face where he’s like, nah man, I’m not doing this. They surprised me with this crap. I’m pissed. I’m just gonna wait and let the crowd do what they do...and instead of cutting a promo, he just throws the mic out of the ring and walked out. And walked out of the friggin’ show! You could tell me ‘til you’re blue in the face that that was scripted and that it was all planned. That’s a bunch of BS. I know real stuff when I see it, and that was real.”

Seth’s segment did seem like a pointless waste of time, and I can’t say with high confidence that he was scripted to go out there and just listen to the fans singing without saying a word. I have no idea what the original plan was for that segment, and that makes it easier for someone to believe Seth went off script and walked out in anger or defiance.

However, Prinze’s accusation seems implausible to me. The idea that Seth was supposed to cut a promo but instead chose to walk out of the ring to stick it to WWE just doesn’t make sense. The most reasonable explanation seems to be that Vince McMahon ruins everything, and Seth’s segment was affected or cut short by the chaos of Vince running the show.

WWE uploaded part of Seth’s serenade to YouTube afterwards, which also seems to go against the idea that Seth crossed some kind of line and chose not to do what WWE wanted him to do.

What do you think the real story is behind Seth’s bizarre segment on the Raw after WrestleMania? You know what to do in the comments below, Cagesiders.

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