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Eva Marie on a possible WWE return: ‘That door is always open’

During a recent interview with WrestleZone, Eva Marie was asked if she would be interested in a return to WWE and had this to say:

“That door is always open. I mean, we’re in constant talks. When I had originally left, I was filming my first lead action movie so that door is definitely one of those things that is always open. I’m definitely down to always cause some trouble and stir up some things, that’s for sure.”

For years, I’ve championed Eva as a talent the pro wrestling world never appreciated enough if only because, for some time, she was the one true heel in the industry. Folks genuinely hated Eva and it made for some memorable storylines and matches, most notably her challenging Bayley for the NXT women’s championship.

I don’t know if you remember, but fans were ready to burn the damn building down if she won that title from that particular babyface.

It’s that kind of reaction we hardly see much of anymore (though Dominik Mysterio is right up there lately). There are plenty of reasons for that, and many would argue Eva gets “the wrong kind of heat” but I’ve long contended I don’t really care about all that talk. As long as the heat exists, and it makes for good television, I’m all for it.

I’m not sure if they could recapture that today, considering it didn’t go as well the last time they tried with Piper Niven, then known as Doudrop, in 2021. Then again, they never really committed to it.

Perhaps it’s time to give it another go?

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