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Otìsè joined Sami Zayn in the ‘Made Jey Uso break on national TV’ club

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Watching Sami Zayn crack up The Bloodline was a minor highlight of that storyline last year. And in January of this year before it all fell apart at Royal Rumble, but I digress...

We popped when the then-Honorary Uce made Roman Reigns or Jimmy Uso laugh, but it was the times he got the stoic Solo Sikoa or the surly Jey Uso to break character that were really special.

It’ll probably be a while before Zayn and anyone who’s sat at Roman’s table will share a humorous scene on Raw or SmackDown. But that doesn’t mean we won’t get to see the ever-so-slightly younger Uso twin laugh when he’s not supposed to.

Actually, it happened last night (April 10) on Raw!

The moment came during the unexpected* thriller between The Usos and Alpha Academy. Jey was working with Otìsè — fka Otis, fka Otis Dozovic — who is currently torn between his allegiance to his Academy sensei Chad Gable and the latest lovely lady to catch his eye, Maximum Male Models’ Maxxine Dupri. When Jey grabbed him in a waistlock, the big man used some of the techniques Maxxine is teaching him for the runway. Uce had no choice but to... pretend to yell a lot to cover up how big he was smiling while on the verge of busting out laughing.

Guessing Jey was also laughing when Otìsè countered his sunset flip with an MMM-inspired strut, but the camera angle doesn’t give us a clear look at that one.

Who will make Jey break next? Has he just been giggling and guffawing in scenes and matches for years** and we didn’t notice until Sami made it a thing?

Don’t laugh. Just comment below.

* Unexpected not because we didn’t know the two teams had a banger in them, but because we didn’t know it was happening, wouldn’t have predicted it would get nearly 15 minutes of television time and present Gable & Otìsè as legitimate threats to The Usos.

** This would make him the Bill Hader of WWE, I guess.

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