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Brock Lesnar will have some explaining to do when he returns to Raw next Monday

Cody Rhodes did his part on Raw last night (April 10). The American Nightmare sold the h-e-double-hockey-sticks out of his nascent feud with Brock Lesnar with a reference to the rubber chicken someone threw into the ring after his WrestleMania 39 main event loss & a shout out to his friend Matt, but without closing the book on his main story.

The headline was a challenge to Lesnar for Backlash on May 6 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. But Cody also built anticipation for Brock’s return to Raw next Monday. Not only do we need to tune in for the Beast’s answer to Rhodes, but also for his explanation why he attacked the Grandson of a Plumber on the ‘Mania fallout show in the first place.

Like Rhodes, we can accept the theory floated on last week’s SmackDown — that Lesnar was stewing over not being anywhere near the top of the card at the Showcase of the Immortals. The assault on Cody then not only makes sense as a way to get away from the smiling cowboy act that fell out of the main event scene, but an acknowledgement that Rhodes is a part of said scene.

Even if that is the reason, it’ll be interesting to hear Brock sell it — and presumably on his own without a mouthpiece.

Don’t worry, though... he’ll definitely do some smashing along with whatever talking he does.

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