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Logan Paul’s very Ezekiel-like response to claims he photoshopped WWE contract pic

Since his arrival in WWE last year, we’ve heard and talked a lot about how naturally YouTube celebrity Logan Paul has taken to pro wrestling. Here’s another example.

When announcing that he re-upped with WWE on a multi-year contract yesterday (April 10), Paul tweeted the news along with an image that’s become synonymous with achievements in the company — the Triple H point pic.

It didn’t take long for the wrestle web to do its thing and figure out this wasn’t a recent picture of Paul at WWE headquarters with Chief Content Officer Paul Levesque. The new deal was such a foregone conclusion it probably could have gotten done over the phone and/or by each side’s respective legal teams without ever requiring a face-to-face meeting. It seems Logan’s team just doctored up the picture he took in Stamford last year for the new announcement.

It’s pretty clear at a glance, but the graphic designers of Twitter are pointing out clear tells like the Prime bottle still saying “Blue Raspberry”, and the microphone on his jacket having been painted yellow when the color of his jacket was changed.

Despite the evidence, the Media Megastar issued the following “denial”:

Some are upset by Paul’s response, and responding with additional proof the new image is manipulated (like the blue outlines on Haitch’s right hand and left pointer finger). Most recognize a troll move when we see one, and are tipping their hat that Logan managed to generate some heat with a simple Photoshopped image.

Clearly, he’s learned from one of the biggest heels in recent memory — the lying liar known as Elias, who spent a ridiculous amount of time last year pretending to be his own fictional brother Ezekiel solely for the purpose of tormenting our beloved Kevin Owens.

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