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Trish Stratus turns on Becky Lynch after losing women’s tag team titles

Shortly into this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, we were shown a video of Lita having been taken out backstage. Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez came upon her, or so they said, and called out for help. Becky Lynch blamed them for taking out her tag team partner on the same night they had a shot at the tag team titles.

Lita was ultimately taken to the dreaded local medical facility. The titles would still be on the line on this night, however, because hey, wouldn’t you know it, Trish Stratus was right there eager to step in. Adam Pearce agreed to it, and off we went.

You know where this is going already.

Just as the rumors said would happen, Trish turned on Lynch.

She did so after getting pinned by Morgan, losing the tag team titles despite the fact that she wasn’t actually a champion going into the match. Despite this, Becky tried to console her and made like everything was okay.

When she turned her back, that’s when Trish attacked.

Gee, I wonder who it was that took out Lita.

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