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Xavier Woods cuts an impassioned promo on LA Knight

During last week’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown, LA Knight got all up in Xavier Woods’ business while being pissy about the fact that he didn’t get on the card at WrestleMania 39. He even broke Woods’ controller!

A despicable act, no matter which way you slice it.

Now, Woods is good and pissed off and out here cutting impassioned promos to build hype for the match:

“This Friday night on SmackDown, Xavier Woods has a matchup against one LA Knight. Now, LA, you have a gift — you have the gift of gab. You have the ability to walk into an arena with a microphone in your hand and you make people want to chant your name. You’re extremely well traveled in this industry, winning championship after championship after championship in organizations all across the world. So for that I say congratulations. But unfortunately right now you and I have a problem.

“You see, LA, for the past few weeks you have felt the need to enter into my space. And you have the audacity to speak to me as if I can’t beat you? As if I were to get knocked down and come back? And come back, that’s an interesting concept so let’s talk about it. If he were powerbombed on a set of steel steps, could LA Knight come back? If he were locked inside Hell in a Cell, handcuffed with his arms strung over his head while The Usos took two kendo sticks and turned his ribs into ground beef, could LA Knight come back? If he tore his Achilles tendon clean off the bone, could LA Knight come back? Could he come back better, faster, stronger, more creative than before? Could he come back and immediately win the tag team titles, with the ability to beat world heavyweight champions, with the ability to go out night after night and have grueling match after match after match after match knowing full well that people won’t even be allowed inside the building?

“I don’t know if LA Knight could come back from that but I do know that Xavier Woods already has. So, LA, it’s time to wake up because I’m not letting you sleep on me anymore. I know you’ve got a thick skull so let me make this crystal clear: this Friday night on SmackDown, Xavier Woods wins.”

Are you sold?

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