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NXT Stand & Deliver results: Duke Hudson chooses Chase U, starts Ava’s career with a loss

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The storyline hook to NXT Stand & Deliver’s match between Schism and Chase U was that the Joe Gacy’s group would take control of Andre Chase’s school with a win. The real world news angle was that this was the first match of Ava, WWE’s first-ever fourth generation Superstar.

Ava’s real name is Simone Johnson. Her dad is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson... perhaps you’ve heard of him, or the other members of his family tree?

So what’d Ava do? And how did she do?

This was a mixed tag, which meant Ava was only supposed to wrestle the female member of Chase U’s squad, 19 year old Thea Hail. At first, Ava played mind games rather than get physical, tagging in and out immediately to allow Gacy to get the drop on Duke Hudson.

The two young women did get a proper sequence together shortly later, and La Hija Del Rocky Maivia used her size advantage to pick up a nearfall off a suplex. Hail fought back, and Ava bumped for a bit before taking a pair of sentons that would have gotten three had Jagger Reid not broken up the pin.

Hail mixed it up with the men more than Ava, whose one intergender moment was slapping Hudson before the big moment of the match — Gacy offering Duke a Schism t-shirt. Hudson had been critical of Chase’s leadership of the U heading into this one, so a turn made sense. But it was a swerve! Duke ditched the purple & black for the red & white, and Chase U stomped their way to victory.

Ava mostly sold for some stomps from Hail en route to a loss in her first official match. She wasn’t called on to do much, and while there were no miscues, you could see why she wasn’t.

But this wasn’t about her, and the WrestleMania weekend crowd popped big for Hudson’s April Fool’s move, so mission accomplished!

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