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Vince McMahon showed off his new jet black hair & mustache on the WWE Hall of Fame red carpet

There were a lot of reasons people were talking about Vince McMahon’s Mar. 6 visit to Raw. After the discussion of what it did or did not mean about his current role with WWE died down, one item lingered in the conversation — the 77 year old’s new look, which was said to consist of dying his hair jet black and growing out a matching pencil-thin mustache.

Imaginations ran wild, and a few Photoshopped and AI-generated images circulated. But other than verbal & written descriptions, there was no evidence of the Chairman’s makeover.

Until now, that is. Vince is in the Los Angeles area this weekend for WrestleMania 39. Last night (Mar. 31), he attended the WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony at LA’s Arena. McMahon didn’t appear on the Peacock stream of the event, but Pro Wrestling NOAH cameras there to chronicle The Great Muta’s induction caught him posing on the red carpet...

It’s real. And it is... somehow even weirder than we imagined...

... we’re gonna need a minute. Take it away, Cagesiders.

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