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Everyone is talking about Vince McMahon’s new look and jet black mustache

Vince McMahon was backstage at Raw this week for the first time since he resigned from the company in disgrace last summer. A lot of people have been expecting this to happen ever since he returned to WWE in January and reclaimed his spot as the Executive Chairman of The Board.

Everyone is still talking about Vince’s return to Raw two days later, but not for the potential implications it might have for the future creative direction of WWE TV, or how it might disrupt locker room morale. No, the number one talking point coming out of this whole thing is about...Vince’s mustache?

The rumor mill has been buzzing with how shocked everyone was backstage to see 77-year-old Vince’s new look. For example, here is what Wrestling Observer Live’s Bryan Alvarez was told about it:

“I started getting messages, ‘Dude, he’s got a mustache!’”

“Then it was described, ‘You ever seen Gomez Addams from the Addams Family? That’s what his mustache looked like.’”

“Then, later...I was told it was a jet black pencil mustache, and he also had jet black hair.”

Alvarez said McMahon is known for hating facial hair, so he thought maybe it was all a rib to work the boys in the back. But he was reassured that Vince’s ‘stache was very much the real deal:

“There were people that were around him all night, and they were like, no, it was real. It was a real mustache, and he dyed his hair jet black. So, that’s the story.”

Any pictures circulating around of Vince’s mustache are fake as of this morning, so all we have for now are rumors and gossip like this. But it’s fun to think about in the meantime and use your imagination. Who knows, maybe the guy lost a bet to mustachioed Cody Rhodes years ago about becoming a future WrestleMania main event star.

Why do you think Vince McMahon has a mustache now, and what do you hope it looks like, Cagesiders?

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