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WWE Women’s Tag champ appears at indie show

Quite a week for WWE Hall of Famer Lita.

On Monday night (Feb. 27), she won the WWE Women’s Tag Team titles with Becky Lynch. That came via an assist by fellow Hall of Famer Trish Stratus, which meant Lita got to celebrate with an old friend.

Pretty cool, but Lita wasn’t done. Last night (Mar. 3), she showed up at Hoodslam’s GET YOUR ASS TO MARCH: Fall of the Hoodslammer show in Oakland, California. Lita didn’t have her new belt, and there doesn’t seem to have been any mention of WWE. In fact, she seems to have showed up, dropped a couple of the promotion’s catchphrases, and handed the microphone of to Hoodslam founder and #2 in the 2022 QWI 200, Dark Sheik.

Most of what I know about Hoodslam I learned reading Claire’s weekly Sermon on the Mat feature, but I know enough to know, (a) their “R-rated Chikara” vibe means Jim Cornette probably isn’t their biggest fan, and (b) Lita wasn’t just swearing cause she was happy to be free of WWE’s censors. “Motherfucking Hoodslam” is how wrestlers and fans refer to the promotion, and “fuck the fans” is a war cry, not an insult.

Scanning Twitter for clips of from GET YOUR ASS TO MARCH didn’t really help me learn more about the Hoodslam experience. But it did introduce me to my new favorite band. ArnoCorps helped promote last night’s show, and their Wikipedia describes them thusly:

ArnoCorps is a hard rock group based in Oakland, California that exclusively performs songs based on the films of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I’ll be back to listen to some of those tracks.

And, oh yeah, WWE Women’s Tag champ Lita at Hoodslam! Pretty cool, huh?

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