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Lacey Evans disappeared again

Normally I use this space not just to deliver the video highlights from the weekly episode of Friday Night SmackDown that WWE uploads to its YouTube channel but to actually highlight something I found interesting from the show. I’m still technically doing that here but it’s rather interesting to me because of its absence from the show.

Namely, Lacey Evans’ presence.

I don’t know why she wasn’t there, but this was my concern a number of weeks ago when took a week off before coming back for another squash match. WWE had been building her up by having her beat up some local athletes while heeling it up and getting a ton of heat from whatever city they were in at the time.

It was working! There’s so much potential for her to be hated on the level of Eva Marie, and it seemed they saw that too.

Except, like so many times before, the powers that be within WWE once again changed their mind and she hasn’t appeared on television dating back to the Feb. 10 episode of SmackDown. It’s WrestleMania season too, so if they don’t have anything for her it seems entirely likely we won’t see her again until next month.

And that’s really too bad. I hope I’m wrong and she’s given some time again soon enough.

Anyway, here are all the videos from SmackDown this week:

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