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Even if Randy Orton returns at WrestleMania, it sounds like he won’t be wrestling anytime soon


A few days ago, rumors were going around that Randy Orton “wanted to make his return to WWE at WrestleMania 39.” It was also noted he would be in Los Angeles for the weekend, making him available to make a surprise appearance.

Folks in WWE have been openly talking about having a few surprises in store. Could Orton be one of them?

Before getting too excited at the prospect of as much, the Wrestling Observer is here to throw some cold water on us. It’s still possible Orton could make a surprise appearance but it doesn’t sound like he’ll be wrestling anytime soon:

Even though Randy Orton is in Los Angeles this weekend, it’s been noted to us he won’t be doing wrestling matches soon as his back injury has a ways to go. There have been photos of him and he was in great looking shape more than a month ago.

Orton hasn’t been seen on WWE television dating back to May of last year, as he’s been dealing with a pesky back injury that required surgery. There was some concern about his future at one point, so any word that he may be coming back is good to hear.

Even if he’s not going to be wrestling for a bit.

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