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Sami Zayn doesn’t know if his tag match will main event WrestleMania Night One


The WrestleMania 39 card looks to be final, and we got the breakdown of which matches will happen on Sat., April 1’s Night One and which on Sun., April 2’s Night Two. But for that first night, there’s still a fair amount of confusion about the order in which we’ll get those seven matches.

One cause of that — whether John Cena & Austin Theory will open or close the show — seems to be cleared up. WWE & ESPN wanted Cena’s face on the graphic, so he’s listed as a headliner. But the previous announcement they’ll go on first seems to have been correct.

Another is still a mystery. Will Charlotte Flair & Rhea Ripley’s SmackDown Women’s championship match go on last, for whatever reason? Or will WWE end both nights with its hottest storyline, and have The Usos defense of their Tag belts against Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens make history as the first Tag title match to headline in ‘Mania history?

Based on what Zayn told Ariel Helwani yesterday (Mar. 30) when they bumped into each other in an Los Angeles hotel lobby, the wrestlers don’t even know yet:

“Well, it is insane because if you think about it, if we do go on last, which again, remains to be seen, it would be the first time [for a tag match] since WrestleMania 1, and it would be the first tag team title match of all time.”

With history and popularity on its side, Usos vs. Sami & KO would seem to have the inside track. Will it get the nod? Will we find out before tomorrow night?

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