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We got to talk to Big E!

If you’ve spent much time on Cageside Seats dot com over the years, you know we’re really big fans of The New Day — and especially the big chested-ed, gyrating, lover of slapped meats the world knows as Big E, but who we sometimes like to call Large Epsilon.

Even though I’m no longer on staff here at the site, when the fine folks at Snickers contacted me about chatting with E about this year’s WrestleMania 39 campaign, I immediately hit up Sean and asked if I could do it anyway.

[Editor’s note: No matter what divergent paths life and work take us down, Stella will always be on the masthead in our hearts.]

When they say never meet your heroes... well, for one thing, they probably don’t mean on a ten minute video call set-up by a candy bar company. But the other thing they say wasn’t true for me when it came to meeting E, who “up close” proved to be just as warm, charming, smart & humble as he’s always seemed when we watched him from a distance.

Hope you enjoy our chat. I know I did. Have a great ‘Mania weekend everybody (I hear it’s even better with a Snickers #ad)!

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