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Cody Rhodes says he’s already the face of WWE

Roman Reigns has been the top star in WWE ever since he turned heel circa SummerSlam 2020. He’s been the top champion in the company for nearly 1000 days, and is undoubtedly the face of the promotion. Nobody would argue against that point...except for Cody Rhodes.

During an interview on the SI Media Podcast with Jimmy Traina, Cody was asked if there will be more pressure on him following WrestleMania 39 if he beats Roman Reigns and becomes the new face of WWE.

Here is Cody’s response:

“This answer might come across extremely dickish, is the only way I can put it out there, a little more prickly, this answer. I don’t think there’s any more pressure about potentially being the face of the company because, respectfully, I feel like for the last four months, I’ve already been the face of the company.”

“Roman is on, you know, not a part-time schedule, he’s still a full-time superstar and still the champ, respectfully, but I make every town, every city. I’ve already felt like the face of the company since perhaps even Hell in a Cell, even while I was injured.”

“The WWE audience...if you look through the first four rows, there’s a lot of belief in what I’m doing. And it’s visible. And all the measurables are there saying that this is working. So no, I would feel the same amount of pressure I already feel now.”

The first part of Cody’s answer emphasizes that Roman’s case for being the face of the company is hurt because of his part-time schedule (which Cody strangely won’t admit is a part-time schedule, even though it’s the basis of his argument).

The second part of Cody’s answer focuses on how over he currently is with the WWE audience. That WWE has booked Rhodes to be undefeated since he returned indicates that upper management agrees with his assessment of his own success in rallying the fans behind him.

Do you think Cody is correct about already being the face of WWE, or does he need to beat Roman Reigns this weekend at WrestleMania to seal the deal?

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