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Big E provides an update on his broken neck, will have an important decision to make soon

Former WWE Champion Big E suffered a broken neck while wrestling on SmackDown a little over one year ago, shortly before WrestleMania 38. At the time, Big E avoided surgery and said he can live a normal life, but won’t know more about the probability of returning to pro wrestling until he has a one-year checkup to see how his neck is healing.

Now that we’ve crossed the one year mark, some fans have been nervous about Big E’s silence on the one-year checkup. But fret no more, Cagesiders, because Big E says he hasn’t had the checkup yet.

During an interview on Busted Open Radio, Big E provided the following update on his broken neck:

“Right now, still haven’t gotten the one-year checkups yet. We’re actually gonna do that when I get back home after WrestleMania. So, early April, during that first week, we’ll get another set of scans.”

“I broke my C1 in two places...thankfully there was no displacement, so we didn’t need to have surgery or anything. All the bones were kind of still in place to hopefully heal together properly.”

“It’s healing fibrously, meaning, it’s connected enough that I can walk around and no one’s concerned that I’m gonna be in any kind of pain or have any issues. But, it’s just not ossifying yet. It’s not turning completely into bone. And to deal with the rigors of bumping and doing what we do on a nightly basis, obviously, you want to make sure your C1 is completely ossified, that it’s all bone, that it’s in the best shape possible.”

“So, right now that’s the plan, is to get some more scans at the first week of April, and have the doctors review them, and then make a decision from there.”

“Obviously, your C1 is a very important bone, and I want to make the best decision health-wise for myself. And it’s one of those things you just don’t want to rush. I’ve been in rehab right now for about nine months working on strength and range of motion, and all of that stuff has been great. So that’s really where we’re at right now.”

It sounds like Big E is having his checkups over the next week or so. If he chooses to publicly discuss the results, we might have a better idea of what his future in pro wrestling looks like very soon.

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