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‘Twists and turns’ expected in WWE Women’s Tag storyline, likely leading to two WrestleMania matches

With an assist from Trish Stratus, Becky Lynch & Lita beat Damage CTRL’s Dakota Kai & IYO SKY for the WWE Women’s Tag Team championship on Raw last Monday (Feb. 27). Over on SmackDown, Ronda Rousey’s started a tag run with her friend Shayna Baszler and all signs point to their challenging for the belts at WrestleMania 39 in one month’s time.

So, after reports late last year that plans for a singles match between them was “dead”, now we’re getting a form of Lynch vs. Rousey at ‘Mania after all?

Not so fast.

In this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer writes:

The only thing we know is that the women’s tag title situation with the six women involved, as well as Bayley and Trish Stratus, has several twists and turns yet to come before the matches are finalized.

Meltzer isn’t sure what those “twists and turns” are, speculating on possibilities most fans have also come up with that could derail a Lynch/Lita vs. Baszler/Rousey Tag title match at SoFi Stadium on April 1 or 2 (namely another title change between now and then, which could include a Stratus heel turn). But he does state that the storyline will “likely” result in “two different matches” at WrestleMania, with one of them being Ronda & Shayna challenging whoever the Tag champs are at the time.

Whatever role she ends up playing, things seem likely to hinge on Trish. Plans changed multiple times regarding when she’d show up in the story, with reports indicating one appearance was nixed after a long meeting with creative. We also heard that whatever she ends up doing will involve other “high level stars”, and be a storyline she’s wanted to do for a while.

That last bit seems to be the source of the heel turn speculation, as fans remembered how much work Stratus & Lynch did laying the groundwork for a feud when Becky was a Big Time villain herself and dug up past Trish interviews where she mentioned bringing her heel character back, and talked about facing Lynch for more than a house show bit.

But there are plenty of other ways the road could twist and turn before next month, and if Lita & Bex aren’t champs by the time WrestleMania goes Hollywood, that could mean a Damage CTRL vs. Lynch, Stratus & Lita trios match and a separate Women’s Tag Team championship match. And that would open the door to getting another pair of wrestlers on the card... like Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez as babyface challengers to Baszler & Rousey perhaps?

We shall see. The story they’ve built so far supports most of the options being speculated upon, and none of them are really bad. Given that, the intrigue is a plus.

Looking forward to the “twists and turns” to come here, gang?

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