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Slapjack debuts in Impact!

Slapjack has arrived in Impact.

The man under the mask from the WWE faction Retribution debuted with a name change. That is to be expected. WWE is smart not to allow others to profit off the character who had the greatest match in the history of professional wrestling.

Slapjack appeared in Impact as “Hysterical” Shane Haste, which is the name he used before his WWE adventures and afterward as well since his release. Haste coming to Impact was a Forbidden Door move. He currently wrestles for NJPW as a member of the TMDK faction.

Haste was booked against “Speedball” Mike Bailey. He explained his plan to break the karate man. Hi-yah!

Haste was eager with energy as he galloped down stage for the bout.

Haste worked heel with arrogance and cockiness to disrespect Bailey. He showed off slick agility to dropkick Bailey silly.

Haste showed his power as well for slams and suplexes. He was close to victory on a Dynamic Bomb (powerbomb), but Bailey wouldn’t stay down for the three-count. In the end, Bailey was too much to handle. Speedball countered for a reverse rana, connected on the tornado kick, and finished with the Ultima Weapon to win.

That was a tough opponent for Haste in his Impact debut. There is no shame in losing to Bailey. Back to the drawing board for good ole Slapjack.

Were you impressed by Shane Haste’s debut in Impact? Even though Haste no longer competes as the Slapjack character, what would have been your joke for his new name in the Impact Zone?

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