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The promo we needed from Seth Rollins

Over the past few months, Seth Rollins has been calling Logan Paul a joke for not being a serious pro wrestler, for just doing the Hollywood type coming in to moonlight as the thing he spends his entire life on, and how that’s every reason to take him down. Which, okay, that’s fine, but there was something missing in all that.

Paul has gotten the better of Rollins at every turn. If that’s the case, and what Rollins has said all along is true, then what does that say about Seth?

Like a true babyface, he laid that out beautifully on Monday Night Raw this week, though WWE didn’t include the relevant part in the YouTube video uploaded to the company channel:

“In five days, April 1, night one of WrestleMania, I finally get my hands on Logan Paul. And Logan Paul, he’s got a history of making a joke out of himself. But let me level with you: if I can’t beat Logan Paul at WrestleMania he’s not the joke — I am. He threw me out of the Royal Rumble, he cost me at Elimination Chamber, he cheap shotted me not once but twice. And in five days it all comes back around.”

This was entirely necessary to establish that there is a much larger purpose to this match for Rollins. It’s not just a showcase match for a celebrity — Rollins needs to win this match to prove he’s so much more than he’s been made to look by a so-called joke of a man. There are actual stakes here.

Like I said, a damn good promo.

Anyway, here are all the videos from Raw this week:

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