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WWE NXT results, live blog (Mar. 28, 2023): Stand & Deliver go home

Here’s a place to check results and comment along with the newest episode of WWE NXT, airing live on Tuesday night at 8PM Eastern time slot on USA Network.

Advertised for tonight from the WWE Performance Center: The final push to Saturday’s Stand & Deliver show in Los Angeles, as Grayson Waller responds to Johnny Gargano’s challenge to make their match Unsanctioned, Indi Hartwell, Ivy Nile & Sol Ruca compete for the final spot in this weekend’s Women’s title ladder match, a Battle Royal will determine North American champion Wes Lee’s final challenger, and more!

SPOILERS for this pre-taped episode are out there, including here. If you’d like to discuss them, please either do so in the SPOILER post, or use the SPOILER tag.

Come right back here at 8pm ET when the NXT live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. A running record of everything that happens will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


Georgie said romantic love is flat, only for people with no real ambition in their life. But oh, but List Christie disagrees, she sees into the core of my poor machine while I liveblog this here pro wrestling show for y’all, folks.

20-Man NXT North American Championship #4 Contender’s Battle Royal

Quincy Elliott eliminated almost immediately amid the usual battle royal chaos. Donovan Dijak takes Dante Chen out with a big boot, Odyssey Jones blasts Xyon Quinn to knock somebody I don’t quite recognize out of the ring, Nathan Frazer knocks Damon Kemp out with a series of kicks!

Edris Enofe and Malik Blade almost take Dijak out and Odyssey finishes the deal! Tall Don pulls Jones out of the ring under the ropes and lays him out with strikes before throwing him into the steel steps! Odyssey gets eliminated in the aftermath, Enofe and Blade start working on Jinder Mahal but Apollo Crews and SCRYPTS take the team out!

A low bridge from Jinder takes SCRYPTS out, Crews military presses Big Body Javi out of the ring and we go to break!

Back from commercial, the crowd has thinned but enough people are left in the match that it’s not worth counting them out. Hank Walker tries to eliminate Drew Gulak and Charlie Dempsey comes up behind them and eliminates them both, sending them brawling to the back!

Dabba-Kato gets Crews up and slams him over the ropes to take him out! Mahal stalks after Kato, Dempsey takes over for him, Frazer with a huge crossbody on Jinder! He and Axiom work together and eliminate the former WWE Champion! Axiom clobbers Dabba with a step-up enzuigiri, Nathan and Charlie join in and eliminate the big man!

Final three now, Dempsey, Axiom, and Frazer. Big backfist to Nathan, solebutt for Charlie, off the ropes, la casadora countered into a wheelbarrow suplex! Frazer takes Dempsey out with a dropkick after and Axiom clotheslines him to the apron! Jockeying for position over the ropes, Nathan sees opportunity but both men end up down and out and in no position for him to eliminate them!

Axiom knocks Dempsey to the floor with a kick and it’s him against Frazer now! Jockeying for position against the ropes, springboard arm drag from Axiom sets up an enzuigiri, springboard moonsault inverted DDT from Nathan! Trading forearms, Frazer charges in, sets him up top, shoulder armbreaker, charging up, superplex connects!

He rolls through, Axiom slips out of the follow-up but kips up right into a superkick! Nathan tries to dump him, Axiom sidesteps, gets him in the ropes, kicks him on the skin the cat and then picks him up and tosses him...

Axiom wins, last eliminating Nathan Frazer to become the fifth entrant in Stand & Deliver’s NXT North American Championship match.

Post-match, Wes Lee slides in the ring to shake Axiom’s hand.

Dragon Lee isn’t far behind for more handshakes, and then Ilja Dragunov and JD McDonagh join the faceoff.

Pretty Deadly get a promo segment hyping up that same NXT North American Championship match and promise us more recaps like that to come.

Tyler Bate is backstage with Chase U.

Andre Chase gives him a pep talk about getting a big win for the university, Duke Hudson isn’t very enthused, and they walk off to send us to break.

Back from commercial, Briggs and Jensen are chatting.

Brooks Jensen is worried because he got a “we need to talk” message from Kiana James. She and Fallon Henley roll up and James beats around the bush before saying that she earned the boys a chance to get into the tag title match at Stand & Deliver if they win tonight.

Fallon is apoplectic that she didn’t confess the stuff about Sebastian but Josh Briggs is just happy to get the opportunity and shushes her.

Tyler Bate vs. Von Wagner

Bate keeping his distance early, side headlock, shot off, shoulder block and a dropkick but Von runs over him with a big boot! Big military press drop, Wagner waves off the fans and follows it with a boot. Block a sunset flip, Bate rolls away from an elbow but gets turned inside out with a lariat... NOPE!

Sidestep a charge, enzuigiri staggers the big man, Bate follows with uppercuts backing him into the corner, chaining strikes together, Von throws him into the corner but Tyler does some World of Sport evasion and follows with a diving uppercut! Rebound lariat connects, Bop and Bang, Robert Stone runs interference!

Bate goes to the floor and grabs him by the lapel, throwing him in the ring, where Thea Hail takes him out with a Lou Thesz Press and stomps! Wagner right in with a forearm, whip across, tope con giro takes Stone out on the floor with some help from Duke Hudson!

High five, dropkick takes Von off his feet, Tyler off the top...

Tyler Bate wins by pinfall with a corkscrew senton atomico.

Post-match we see that the Schism have kidnapped a bunch of Chase U kids to show them what the lessons will be like after they win control of the school.

They promise deprogramming and an Andre Chase Memorial Detention Hall.

We see Roxanne Perez backstage and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Roxanne Perez meets with “Heartbreak Man” Shawn Michaels.

She says she’s cleared to compete as of this afternoon, and the final diagnosis was a combination of anxiety and exhaustion. She wants to defend her title in the ladder match, but Shawn’s not having it, he wants to crown a new champion in the ladder match and give her the first shot after she has a couple matches back.

She says being champion is different from chasing it, and she struggles with anxiety and the question of if it’s all downhill from here, if she peaked at 21, etc. Michaels says she’s better physically but mentally she’s not ready. She has a long, wonderful career ahead of her.

She says she can’t think like that and asked if he could say “well there’s next year.” Her anxiety is crippling but she can’t run away from it, and the only way to confront it is head-on. He relents and says he wants tests and meetings with doctors, but if she’s good to go, she’s in the match.

Elektra Lopez vs. Valentina Feroz

Feroz starting hot with kicks but Lopez takes her down and posts her knee into the mat before grabbing a toehold. Upkicks get an elbow drop, Elektra wrenching the foot in, Valentina clawing at her for some kind of advantage and rolling around the ring.

Cover on Lopez for a nearfall, Feroz unsteady on her feet, diving crossbody caught and Elektra gets her up...

Elektra Lopez wins by pinfall with a sitout spinebuster.

We get another vignette for Eddy Thorpe, formerly known as Karl Fredericks, who will debut after the break.

Eddy Thorpe vs. Myles Borne

Waistlock, Borne reverses to a wristlock, Thorpe reverses back, Myles with an arm drag but Eddy gets right back to his feet. Off the ropes, shoulder block, leapfrog into a turning lariat! Right hands back Thorpe into the ropes, big uppercut, Borne keeps him on the back foot with a belly-to-belly suplex.

Eddy catches him in the corner with a big boot, hip toss, elbow drop for two! Back elbow, snap back suplex, front chancery...

Eddy Thorpe wins by pinfall with a snap rolling neckbreaker.

Pretty Deadly are back with a hype reel for Johnny Gargano vs. Grayson Waller.

Sol Ruca makes her entrance and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Gallus are interviewed backstage.

Asked why they want to defend against three teams, they say “why not” and they’re all about equal opportunity, the more the merrier. The odds don’t matter, they’ll all find out the hard way it’s Gallus boys on top.

Indi Hartwell vs. Ivy Nile vs. Sol Ruca (NXT Women’s Championship Last Chance Qualifying Match)

Ruca low-bridges Hartwell out after some feeling out, dropkick sends Nile to join her, Sol up top and an Orihara moonsault takes them both out! Ivy in, taking Ruca out, cover for two, falling back into a cross armbar but Indi breaks it up with an elbow! Passing Nile to the apron, kick combo, cover... SOL BREAKS IT UP!

Hartwell takes her to the apron, uppercut and a kick but Ruca snaps her over the top rope and follows with a slingshot splash... NILE BREAKS IT UP! Sunset flip, enzuigiri connects, cover for two! Ruca blocks a Frankensteiner from Ivy, superkicks her into the corner, handspring splash!

Indi ducks one, spinebuster... NOPE! Nile with a big boot, whip reversed, Ivy floats over, Dragon sleeper applied but Ruca slides in and hits Sol Snatcher! Indi blasts her to the floor with a boot...

Indi Hartwell wins by pinfall with a sliding forearm on Ivy Nile, earning a spot in the NXT Women’s Championship ladder match at Stand & Deliver.

The women in the ladder match appear in the crowd for a staredown.

Pretty Deadly do a hype reel for the match immediately after, and we go to break.

Back from commercial, we get video of Grayson Waller on Twitter talking about signing the contract for an unsanctioned match tonight.

A hype reel for Bron Breakker vs. Carmelo Hayes follows.

Hank Walker makes his entrance to send us to break.

Back from commercial we get a vignette from Isla Dawn and Alba Fyre about how they’re going to shroud NXT in darkness after they win the tag titles, or whatever.

Drew Gulak vs. Hank Walker

Mat grappling, Gulak has the edge but Walker’s keeping pace with him, trading holds. Drew gets a Stretch Muffler, Hank reverses to one of his own but Gulak picks the leg and puts him in a half-crab! Up top, battering ram lariat, Walker kicks out but Drew puts him in an arm-trap crossface.

Lariats on the comeback, off the ropes to bowl Gulak over with a shoulder block... NOPE! Walker with a waistlock dropped into a cross armbar, Drew keeps his hands clasped, Hank breaks his grip and gets the armbar in all the way! Gulak gets the ropes! Dempsey with a cheap shot...

Drew Gulak wins by pinfall with a small package.

Pretty Deadly break down the tag title match next.

The D’Angelo Family make their entrance.

Briggs and Jensen (Brooks Jensen & Josh Briggs) vs. the D’Angelo Family (Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo & Tony D’Angelo)

Jensen and Stacks to start, Brooks outmatched but he keeps his head in the game, O’Connor roll, off the ropes, drop down, big arm drag, upkick, scoop and a slam! Jensen with a headlock, spin-out facebuster and a tag to Briggs! Josh lifts him up, D’Angelo with the blind tag and they square up.

Go-behind, waistlock takedown, back and forth, we cut to Kiana James and Fallon Henley bickering about their business and Fallon promises she’s gonna go tell Brooks after the match. Shot off, Tony back in, lariats from Briggs and Jensen and the follow it by sliding to the for forearms that send us to break!

Back from commercial, Stacks with an STO and a northern lariat to keep Jensen off-balance! Tag to D’Angelo, quick tag back, Demolition Decapitation but Brooks won’t stay down! Chickenwing chinlock applied, side headlock as Jensen gets to his feet, shot off but Lorenzo blasts him with a back elbow and both men are down and out!

Briggs tags in, right hands for everybody, big boot blasts the Don, scoop and a slam, big splash and he’s fired up! Electric chair, hip attack Doomsday Device... TONY BREAKS IT UP! D’Angelo knocks Josh to the floor, tags in, double whip...

The D’Angelo Family win by pinfall with a double back suplex on Brooks Jensen, ensuring that Briggs and Jensen will not compete in the tag title match on Saturday.

Post-match, Fallon Henley gets on the mic and demands Kiana James spill it. James says she’d rather show Brooks, and she walks over and kisses him, creating a situation where the only thing Henley and Briggs can do is fume.

We see Grayson Waller walking backstage and we go to break.

Back from commercial, the ring is surrounded with Grayson Waller’s security as he makes his entrance.

He approaches Vic Joseph at commentary and takes the contract from him into the ring and gets on the mic.

He reminds security to watch his back because Gargano is known for cheap shots and he can come from anywhere. He’s staring at the contract and he can’t believe it, because Melo and Bron might think they’re the main event, but whenever he’s on, he’s the real main event.

He talks about coming into NXT and trying to stand out with all the other new arrivals and making his name in WarGames, but at the end of the night all anyone could talk about was Johnny Gargano. He would end up hitting Johnny with a chair and sending him home and in the fifteen months since then, nobody’s bet on themselves more than Grayson has.

And his proof is right here in the contract, he’s got the greatest big-match superstar in NXT history begging him to kick his ass at Stand & Deliver. Gargano bleeds black-and-gold? He bleeds green, and he used Johnny to put himself on the map, and at Stand & Deliver, he’ll use him one more time—

Johnny Gargano’s music plays and he unmasks as the in-ring camera operator! They brawl all around the arena as security tries to break them up and repeatedly fails!

That’s the show, folks.

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