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Vickie Guerrero on WWE’s Rey vs. Dominik Mysterio feud: ‘I wish I was part of it’

For fans of a certain age, Dominik Mysterio will also be linked to the late, great Eddie Guerrero. Guerrero’s kayfabe paternity claim led to a 2005 feud between Eddie & Rey Mysterio for custody of Dom, which is remembered to this day both because it was well executed pro wrestling ridiculousness, and because it was one of Guerrero’s final programs before his death.

It’s come up repeatedly during the feud between Dominik and Rey over the past year, with one of the younger Mysterios many tactics for hurting his old man being to say he wishes Eddie really was his father.

But what does Guerrero’s widow, Vickie, think about the angle? There were some fake quotes going around from the former WWE and soon-to-be former AEW talent last year, but she shot those down as soon as she became aware of them. Recently, Vickie offered some more in-depth thoughts about seeing the Mysterios using her husband’s memory as part of their current story.

While appearing on The Whole Story Podcast, Guerrero said:

“My only reaction is that I wish I was part of it. I just think, ‘Man, they’re having so much fun.’ Dominik and Rhea [Ripley] have always texted me back and talked back and forth. They’ve always had my support.

“When Dominik put those two pictures of Eddie and Dominik side by side on Twitter, it was remarkable how much they look alike. So I told Dominik, I’m like, ‘You have this honorary position of having Eddie live in the storyline, and you have my support.’ He’s just so full of gratitude, and Rey, I love him and Angie [Rey’s wife & Dom’s mother]. To have my support was nothing short of… I wish I was there to see it.

“But they’re doing a great job, and I’m really happy for them. I want to see what happens at WrestleMania and see what they do with it.”

Asked for a prediction on the father vs. son match coming our way this weekend, Vickie is leaning toward Dominik for a couple reasons:

“I’m gonna say Dominik, because he’s a little younger and quicker. And I think that would be the logical solution because Rey — I think he’s gonna retire. Unless it’s kayfabe and he’s gonna come back [laughs].”

There are conflicting reports on the impending Hall of Famer’s plans for after WrestleMania 39. But if Rey’s not retiring, maybe Vickie can still get in on this program after all? She’s said AEW isn’t planning to use her for the remainder of her contract, and the two sides have agreed to part ways when that expires...

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