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Debuting NXT wrestler has amazing WWE name, except its his real one

The topic of wrestler names is always a popular one among fans. A good one can make a big difference for a talent. Just ask this guy.

Fans also like to make fun of the company responsible for “suck ass” names like Otto Von Ruthless. It’s a trend that’s accelerated over the years as WWE has moved toward handing out trademark-able monikers to almost all their talent, giving us the likes of Doudrop and Tank Ledger.

Glancing over the results from NXT’s weekend house shows, it appeared the WWE Name Generator had kicked out another all-timer — Tiller Bucktrot.

Tiller Bucktrot lost his match to Tyler Bate in Fort Pierce, Florida on Fri., Mar. 24. But the outcome isn’t as important as the very noticeable name.

Turns out it’s not a good or bad product of the WWE creative machine, it’s the 24 year old’s real name. Here’s how the company introduced him when he reported to the Performance Center last summer:

Tiller Bucktrot is a 6-foot-4, 305-pound former offensive lineman for Tulsa University. Originally from Stroud, Okla., Bucktrot is a proud representative of his Indigenous heritage as a member of the Muscogee Creek Tribe.

It’s early days, and Bucktrot will likely end up with a WWE-owned name by the time he makes it to television. But we hope they make an exception this time.

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