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Good guy Mustafa Ali

We’re all already well aware of Mustafa Ali generally being a good guy — I ain’t talking kayfabe, folks — but if you needed any more evidence, here you go:

“I’ve accumulated quite a set of ring gear over the years. I’m hoping I can do some good with these older items. I’m attempting to set up some sort of auction for ring worn gear of mine with 100-percent of the proceeds going to charity. Keep y’all posted.

“The charities I have in mind are organizations that provide clean water to areas in need as well as organizations providing relief to the victims of the devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.”

In addition to this, WRKD Wrestling, who sometimes breaks news and rumors, recently posted the following about what Ali’s immediate future on WWE television could look like:

We’ll see if that’s how things end up. Either way, what a guy.

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