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CM Punk is proud of Rey Mysterio for punching his son

CM Punk burst back into the news this week with another round of he said/they said about his AEW status. Rey Mysterio’s been making headlines for his upcoming WWE Hall of Fame induction and his feud with his son Dominik.

The Mysterio vs. Mysterio program will now officially include a father vs. son match at WrestleMania 39 next weekend, as Dom hurling insults at his mother was finally too much for Rey to take. He decked his boy, and booked the match for April 1 or 2 in SoFi Stadium.

Punk saw that (or at least Rey’s Instagram post about it) and was reminded that back in 2010, he & Rey were getting ready for a match of their own at the Showcase of the Immortals. That WrestleMania 26 clash was built on Punk & his Straight Edge Society menacing the Mysterios; Dom’s sister Aalyah was at the center of the most famous scene from that storyline, but her brother was around for it too.

Which makes me wonder why Rey always needs to be goaded into accepting matches. Punk, on the other hand, saw Rey’s post...

and thought...

A great callback, and good to see that Punk’s doing more on Instagram than posting & deleting about his AEW experiences.

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