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Our latest sign Vince is working on WWE creative & production again

The “is Vince McMahon working on WWE creative?” debate that’s been simmering since McMahon returned to the company earlier this year is heating up again.

Our latest sign that Vince is doing more than what he & the company say he’s focused on (“maximizing shareholder value” via a sale of the company and/or new media rights deals) comes via the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Dave Meltzer writes that a pre-taped interview on this week’s Raw was reshot because the talent involved used the word “wrestling”.

If you haven’t seen the fingerprints of Vince McMahon on camera, and there are little things here and there, there was a pre-tape interview on the 3/20 Raw where somebody used the term “wrestling” and they had to redo. Granted since [Roman] Reigns and [Cody] Rhodes used the term pro wrestlers in their promo on the same show.

“Wrestling” has long been banned from WWE television, according to reports. Word was that Triple H lifted the ban on everyone else having to say they were sports entertainers doing sports entertainment after McMahon stepped down last summer. But is seems the ban may be back in effect. Cody has been using the term liberally since his return last year (before Vince’s brief resignation/retirement), so I don’t think he & Roman throwing it around tells us anything.

This may not tell us anything either, and it’s strictly an observation as I haven’t tracked its usage over time or anything. But I feel like I’ve heard variations on the phrase “championship opportunity” a lot more in recent weeks than I did over the preceding four-to-six months.

Have you seen any of Vince’s “fingerprints” on WWE programming lately?

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