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Another possible explantion for Alexa Bliss’ WWE absence revealed

Or should we say... unmasked?

The Masked Singer’s Twitter

Reports have been telling us that Alexa Bliss was taking time off from WWE, but they didn’t say why. Despite not being around since Royal Rumble, Bliss disputed reports that she was on hiatus, and insinuated she was available if WWE wanted to use her.

Earlier today (Mar. 22), Bliss revealed that she recently had cancerous skin cells removed from her face. It seemed that could explain her absence, but the five time Women’s champ never explicitly said that one had anything to do with the other.

But now we have another piece of the puzzle, as we know something else that’s been keeping Alexa (real name Lexi Cabrera) busy. On the sixth episode of The Masked Singer’s ninth season, Bliss was revealed as Axolotl (a kind of salamander).

It was “Country Night” on the show, and Axolotl performed ”Can’t Fight the Moonlight” by LeAnn Rimes, explaining the song helped her recover from the eating disorder Bliss has shared about dealing with when she was younger.

It didn’t earn her a lot of votes, however, and Axolotl was forced to unmask. That didn’t dampen the experience for Bliss.

Bliss joins Chris Jericho in the ranks of pro wrestlers-turned-Masked Singers.

Which is cool, but... is the mystery of her WWE absence solved? Will Bliss be back on Raw (or SmackDown) soon?

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