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Dominik Mysterio’s latest plan to get a match with dad at WrestleMania? Ask mom.

The Mysterios, in happier times (well, except for that whole ‘Seth Rollins’ ripped Rey’s eye out’ thing)

To this point, everything Dominik Mysterio’s done to try and goad his father Rey into a fight at WrestleMania 39 has failed. Wrecking holiday celebrations didn’t do it. A steady stream of “you’re a bad dad” insults hasn’t worked.

What’s a self-centered brat who really wants to hurricanrana his dad the weekend he goes into the WWE Hall of Fame to do? What does every kid do when one parent says no? Ask the other one.

Dom unveiled his brilliant “ask mom” plan last night (Mar. 20), after he’d beaten Johnny Gargano.

Sounds like he might be planning on threatening his mother (and sister Aalyah, presumably over her failed romance with Buddy Murphy). His post-show comments on Raw Talk back up the idea that Dom Dom doesn’t think he’s gonna get an easy “yes” from his mom — not to be confused with his Mamí. Otherwise, Mysterio probably wouldn’t be talking about beating an answer out of his dad in front of their entire family on SmackDown this Friday in Las Vegas.

If this fails, Dom can still crash his dad’s Hall of Fame induction. Or maybe dress up like a Cinnamoji for a sneak attack at ‘Mania?

Let’s see how asking mom goes first, though. That segment joins Rey Mysterio vs. LA Knight and Cody Rhodes vs. Ludwig Kaiser on Friday’s show.

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