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Alexa Bliss is not surprised that WWE forgot about her again

Alexa Bliss missed last year’s road to WrestleMania, and she has disappeared from WWE television once again during the early lead up to this year’s card. One recent rumor suggests she is “taking a break” from TV that is not related to injury, but Alexa seemed to dispute that claim on her social media. The end result is that there’s a lot of guesswork and speculation involved when it comes to trying to figure out why she’s not in the WrestleMania mix right now.

For those folks who think WWE has something against Alexa, fuel was added to that fire when WWE left her out of this graphic celebrating their women’s division during Women’s History Month.

Bliss was not surprised by the snub:

WWE’s tweet includes wrestlers who are lower on the card than Bliss, such as Piper Niven and Shotzi, so Alexa’s absence does indeed stand out.

What do you think is going on between WWE and Alexa Bliss right now, Cagesiders?

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