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FTR has decided on their pro wrestling future

Rumors recently got around that FTR were locked into long term deals with AEW, and all that hoopla around a big decision coming up in April was for nothing. But then Dax Harwood said “zero has changed,” meaning their deals are still coming up next month. But then he also said he wouldn’t call the reports right or wrong and either way because “come April you will be able to understand what we’re doing and where we’re going.”

Well, it seems the prolific tag team have reached a decision:

Harwood has maintained that the decision they make would be motivated by happiness over financial gain, and with WWE riding a creative high right now there’s a lot to weigh regarding making a decision to go back there — even with the uncertainty of Vince McMahon’s status with the company and a possible upcoming sale — or stick it out with Tony Khan and co.

We won’t have to wait much longer to find out either way.

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