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WWE’s Bloodline saga as a movie

It’s often been said that the story surrounding Roman Reigns that’s played out on WWE television and premium live events over the past two-and-a-half years is the best story the company’s told in a long time. Some have claimed it’s the best ever.

The drama that’s unfolded since Roman Reigns’ return at SummerSlam 2020 has done something WWE tried but mostly failed to do with him over the preceding five years — cemented him as the biggest star in professional wrestling. Forcing his cousins The Usos into The Bloodline has risen their profile, and made Jey Uso one of the most interesting characters.

He’d probably be the most interesting if it weren’t for Sami Zayn, who’s gone from an internet darling to a universally beloved performer thanks to his work with and now against Reigns’ group. It’s reminded us what an amazing orator Paul Heyman is, and it will eventually give some babyface one fell of a calling card when they take the Universal & WWE titles away from the Tribal Chief.

It’s something that could happen as soon as April 2 in SoFi Stadium, when Cody Rhodes tries to finish his story by beating Reigns in the main event of WrestleMania 39. Is that why WWE’s giving us a two hour playlist of The Bloodline story now (embedded above)? So we can further appreciate it before it, or at least this chapter of it, closes in a couple weeks?

Who knows? But it is better than a lot of movies you can probably find online, so why not grab some popcorn and enjoy it in its entirety.

Then you can get back to your online campaigns to get Sami & Jey Emmy nominations.

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