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Vladimir Kozlov reunites with Santino Marella in Impact

The Santino Marella era as Director of Authority in Impact has brought some wild blasts from the past, such as Ernest “The Cat” Miller and the Yeti. The latest cameo was a reunion with an old friend. Vladimir Kozlov stepped into the Impact Zone.

It was a brief appearance for Kozlov during Impact Wrestling. Other stuff happens in the scene, but none of that matters in comparison to Santino and Kozlov sharing a hug as old pals.

There is not much more to it than that little bit, but it is still fun to share. Let’s hope we get a slideshow of their adventures in Las Vegas. As for Kozlov’s name in the Impact Zone, that remains a mystery. Impact didn’t have trademark clearance to say Kozlov’s name on television.

Fun fact, Kozlov was hired by Impact in April 2021 for Russian commentary.

Impact can’t say Kozlov’s name, but we sure can. Let’s relive good times of Santino and Kozlov together. Do you remember when they won tag team gold in WWE?

How about a viewer’s choice dance-off?

And who could forget Santino and Kozlov hosting a tea party in England?

What are your favorites moments of Santino Marella hanging with Vladimir Kozlov?

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