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Edge’s secret goal for Judgement Day should earn him a few butt touches

Edge has spoken in the past about his primary goal for The Judgement Day stable he’s spent the last year leading or feuding with, and he reiterated that during his chat with Corey Graves & Kevin Patrick on the latest After The Bell podcast:

“... here’s these really talented individuals who I truly felt weren’t getting the opportunity that they deserved, and if they got that opportunity that they could fly with it, they could run with it.”

The WWE Hall of Famer admits the group has become “something entirely different and better” than the “New Brood” concept he was originally approached with. He attributes some of that to the fact Judgement Day isn’t “swimming upstream” to get heat now that they’re no longer led by a beloved legend like himself*.

He also revealed another of his goals for The Judgement Day saga, one involving his wife & fellow Hall of Famer, Beth Phoenix:

“Secretly — well, actually maybe not so secretly — I’ve kind of engineered this thing to get Rhea and Beth face-to-face in the ring as many times as I could... in the ‘I Quit’ match [at Extreme Rules last year], I am sore. I’ve just been hit by a kendo stick like 52 times, and I’ve just flown overnight from Vancouver where I wrapped on Percy Jackson at 1am, hopped on a jet, landed in Philly at 10:45, didn’t sleep for two days, got to the hotel, got Beth, went straight to the building. I’m handcuffed to the there, running on 60 hours of no sleep, and when they went face-to-face, and I saw the crowd come up, I was smiling like a little kid that just got the toy that he wanted for Christmas.

“And there’s multiple layers to that... I know that one of the women that influenced Rhea and showed her that she could do this was Beth, and I knew that Beth didn’t get the opportunity because the opportunities weren’t there for the female division to have those moments when she was wrestling... to have those moments together as sports entertainers/wrestlers, and have them together. And for me, It’s so special to watch Beth get these moments now because she deserves them. And the landscape was just so different then, and she was one of the ones that kept that torch barely going all those years, so now I feel like this is backpay. This is her time to, as the kids say, get their flowers.”

Well said, Mr. Copeland. Now, hey WWE, could we get a singles match between the Glamazon & the Nightmare some day**?

And Mrs. Copeland, if we might be so bold, maybe cut the old man a little slack after the next butt touch on Raw?

You can check out Edge’s entire appearance on After The Bell here.

* Like many of us, Edge also credits the addition of Dominik Mysterio, “the missing ingredient nobody realized they needed”, for taking Judgement Day to its current heights.

** We’ve had lots of moments, but they only match which featured both women was Elimination Chamber’s mixed tag.

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