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Jacy Jayne messed up Gigi Dolin’s face real bad

Can’t fake getting thrown and stomped into a door, apparently.

The clock’s been ticking on Toxic Attraction for a while, probably even before the end of Mandy Rose’s NXT Women’s title (and overall WWE) run.

It finally stuck DING DONG, HELLO! in the main event of Feb. 7’s episode, when Jacy Jayne pretended to make nice with Gigi Dolin on Bayley’s talk show-within-a-show before turning on the person with whom she twice held the NXT Women’s Tag Team championship.

As you can see in this GIF, Jayne made good use of Bayley’s set when attacking Dolin. What you don’t get from this is the sound, but you can see where the door’s cracked behind Gigi’s head, so you can probably imagine it*

Something like that is gonna leave a mark. Or two. And from the looks of the pic Dolin tweeted this afternoon, the first kick Jacy caught her with looks to have left a mark on her sternum, too.


Seems like the kind of thing you’d want payback for.

* If not, there’s video of it in this post, our review, and this post.

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