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Jerry Lawler expected to fully recover after stroke, per official statement

The official Twitter account of Jerry “The King” Lawler posted a very encouraging update on his health this afternoon (Feb. 8). It came along with some pictures of fellow WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Hart visiting him in the Florida hospital where the 73 year old Lawler is recovering from surgery after suffering a stroke earlier this week.

Continuing along the lines of updates from Dave Brown and Jim Ross over the past 24 hours, the first official statement confirms that The King is dealing with some speech impairment. Most importantly, however, his prognosis is for a full recovery with rehabilitation.

Sharing some wrestling memories with the Mouth of the South seems like a great way for Lawler to start the healing process. We’d expect Hart to be the first of many visitors for The King in the days and weeks to come.

Here’s hoping each subsequent update continues to bring better and better news about the Memphis rasslin’ and WWE Raw announcing legend.

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