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Jim Ross & others with positive updates on Jerry Lawler

Information about Jerry Lawler’s health has been coming out in dribs and drabs. We’ve heard different diagnoses, all indicating there was an issue with blood flow in his brain. and that the 73 year old WWE Hall of Famer was in serious condition following an emergency surgery earlier this week.

The latest updates on The King following an are at least positive ones. Last night (Feb. 7) Lawler’s longtime friend Dave Brown, a meteorologist and former wrestling announcer in Memphis, told the local Commercial Appeal newspaper:

“Some of the initial reports were just horrible, so I feel much better than I did 18 hours ago when I felt like I got hit in the face with a shovel. I was incredibly encouraged after I did a FaceTime. Jerry was alert. He talked to me. He could only say a couple words at a time, which is pretty normal. But (he) was able to move both legs and both arms.

“I feel very optimistic that he’s eventually going to recover.”

Then this morning, Lawler’s former WWE broadcast partner tweeted something similarly optimistic:

Given his age and recent medical history, The King’s undoubtedly got a challenging road ahead. But it sounds like he’s starting on it with a little momentum.

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