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Lita makes a surprise appearance on Raw

Earlier this evening, PW Insider reported that Lita was backstage at Monday Night Raw this week in Orlando “doing work related to A&E programming.” That didn’t make it certain she wouldn’t appear on the show by when the main event Steel Cage match pitting Becky Lynch vs. Bayley came around and she still hadn’t been seen, it seemed she wouldn’t be making an appearance on TV after all.

Not so fast!

Bayley, naturally, had Dakota Kai and IYO SKY out assisting her, putting Lynch at a big disadvantage. When it looked like that would be too much to overcome, that’s when Lita’s music hit the loudspeakers:

She acted as the equalizer and after leveling the playing field, Lynch would go on to pin Bayley to win the match they didn’t get to have a couple weeks ago at RAW XXX.

Even if this was a one time deal, it was fun seeing Lita out there doing her thing. She looked like she could be out there more, but there’s no reason to expect she will. Then again, why else have her show up randomly like this?

Stay tuned.

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