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Sonya Deville’s Royal Rumble scar now has company

Sonya Deville put up a fight against Charlotte Flair in their SmackDown Women’s title match last Friday night (Feb. 3), and was coming off a ten minute run in the Royal Rumble the weekend before — a performance that left her with a nasty cut above her eye.

Did she take the weekend off? Hecks no!

At house shows Saturday (in Columbus, Georgia) and Sunday (in Pensacola, Florida) Deville again challenged The Queen for her belt, these times in Triple Threat action with Liv Morgan*. Yesterday, fans in attendance were concerned Deville had been injured...

Thankfully, official word quickly followed that Sonya was okay. The scene at the Pensacola Bay Center wasn’t a work, though. Deville was busted open... right next to where she got cut in the Rumble!

The medical team at WWE events are good with a needle and thread, thank goodness, as you can see in another picture Deville posted to her Instagram Story:

Sonya Deville’s Instagram

That’s probably gonna end up looking pretty badass. Maybe give her the week off though, WWE? She probably doesn’t need any more scars around that eye...

* Fear not, fans of Flair/Sorry, Liv Legion. Charlotte won.

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