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Adam Pearce is a menace

It was just a few months ago we brought word of Adam Pearce, the absolute mad lad, doing something no man ever should — Rick Roll’ing his followers over the course of literal months. It started innocently enough, a way to commemorate a 35 year anniversary of a legendary song turned epic meme, but then he just kept going. He wouldn’t stop. He couldn’t.

Then, he did.

But if you thought it was over for good, you don’t know Adam Pearce.

Indeed, he posted this just today:

For the uninitiated, Linktree is a tool many content creators use to put all their socials in one place for fans to find them on various platforms. Here’s a snapshot of what Pearce’s looks like after his update:


You’ll notice he added a button for “SPICY CONTENT,” which is a popular way for creators with, say, OnlyFans accounts to advertise as much without actually calling it OnlyFans (or some other site that functions in largely the same manner).

So what happens when you dare to click that link? Because let’s be honest, curiosity is going to get the best of you.

It takes you here.

Like I said, the man is a menace.

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