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Cameron Grimes is reportedly ‘in limbo’ because WWE creative has nothing for him

What’s going on with Cameron Grimes?

A lot of WWE / NXT fans have been asking that question for a while now. The NXT star hasn’t wrestled since November, when rumors were spreading about an imminent call-up to the main roster. But it hasn’t happened, leaving many of his fans frustrated, confused, or concerned.

On the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer provided the following update on Cameron’s current status in WWE:

“So the deal is, is that Cameron Grimes was finishing up in NXT because he was being called to the main roster. And then, right now what’s going on is that they are waiting for an idea on the main roster.”

“So he’s in limbo. He’s finished with NXT. He’s supposed to be on the main roster, but they don’t got a story for him, so they haven’t debuted him yet. And they’re waiting to come up with a story for him.”

It seems unlikely that WWE will suddenly find a story for Grimes given how busy and crowded everything is with WrestleMania 39 coming up on the weekend of April 1, so he might have to wait for the rumored post-WrestleMania roster shakeup before WWE creative finally addresses this situation.

When do you expect to see Cameron Grimes called up to Raw or SmackDown, Cagesiders?

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