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Mike Tyson picked a side in the AEW/WWE ‘wrestling war’

Is there a “wrestling war” like Tony Khan says? Whether you’d characterize the rivalry between WWE and AEW that way, there’s certainly a fair amount of animosity between the two companies — as we’ve been reminded by the situation with Ariel Helwani that played out over Elimination Chamber weekend.

Given that, you have to wonder if boxing legend Mike Tyson will be welcomed back onto Dynamite or Rampage after a recent episode of his YouTube show Hotboxin’ with The Undertaker.

On the show, Tyson’s co-host Sebastian Joseph-Day asked Taker what he’d have to do to get on WWE television. That led to the following exchange:

Tyson: You know Tony Khan and those guys? Yeah, these guys want to put me on the show and stuff before. But I don’t care if they got more money. If Vince [McMahon] put me on the show, I’d rather go there [WWE] even though they [AEW] pay more money.

Undertaker: I don’t blame you there. It’s going to get much more play. WWE is going to do it right. Yeah.

Tony Khan didn’t respond to that, at least not publicly. But we know what someone in his employ thinks, because he responded to a Wrestling Observer tweet about Tyson’s quote with:

Tyson was a guest commentator on Rampage just last November. In previous AEW appearances, he stood opposite and with the leader of Daddy Magic Matt Menard’s current group, Chris Jericho.

If TK does overlook this soundbite and bring back Tyson, we’re guessing he’ll be a potential Jericho foe next time.

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