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A bumpy start on the road to a Kevin Owens/Sami Zayn reunion

Sami Zayn failed to defeat Roman Reigns to win the WWE Universal championship at Elimination Chamber in Montreal this past weekend but that doesn’t mean he’s done with trying to take down The Bloodline. That’s what he showed up to tell us on Monday Night Raw this week in Ottawa.

But he needs help.

Who better than Kevin Owens, his old friend who was trying to get him to see the light and ultimately came to his aid during the post-match beatdown at the PPV?


Not yet, at least.

Owens is still very clearly unhappy with how the entire past few months played out, including Royal Rumble. Because, yeah, Zayn turned on Reigns instead of attacking Owens but he allowed KO to get eaten alive before making that decision. Owens, for his part, showed that he wasn’t willing to do the same but that doesn’t mean he’s ready to forgive and forget and team up, even if they now share the same goal of bringing down The Bloodline.

So begins the latest chapter in a fine piece of storytelling that we can only hope will eventually lead to an emotional reunion between the two and a reckoning for the bad guys.

Anyway, here are all the videos from Raw this week:

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