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Triple H speaks on if he’s in favor of WWE being sold


When WWE holds its post-show press conferences following Premium Live Events, it’s not quite a space where the stars of the show keep kayfabe but it’s also not exactly where you’d go to find journalists asking hard hitting questions. In the case of the Elimination Chamber post-show presser, however, Brandon Thurston, who does great work over at Wrestlenomics, used his opportunity to ask Triple H a question to inquire about the Chief Content Officer’s feelings on a WWE sale.

It was a good two part question: Was he in favor of a sale before Vince McMahon returned, and is he in favor of a sale now?

Here’s how Triple H chose to respond:

“Depends on who is buying, I suppose, and what the offer is, what the outcome is. I stay out of it. And that’s not a copout answer. I have the greatest gig in the world. I helped in some small way create the magic we did here tonight and to me it’s the best gig on the planet. As long as we get to do this, as long as we get to create it the way we get to create it, as long as we get to do our jobs and we get to go out there and put our passion on display, as long as our talent are allowed to put their passion on display and do what we do, I’m good. I’m good. It is what it is.”

This is where the format of the presser is unfortunate, because Thurston was never going to be allowed a follow up question. That question would surely be something along the lines of “are you saying you’re good with a sale as long as your team remains in place and can continue putting on shows in the way you do now?” Because it sure sounds like that’s exactly what he’s saying.

That may very well be part of what McMahon is hoping to ensure when a deal is finally done, if it’s done at all. When the UFC was sold to Endeavor in 2016, the face of the company, Dana White, remained on board as President and at least outwardly the promotion looked the same as it did before the sale.

From the sounds of it, it sure seems as though Triple H is hoping for the same with WWE.

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