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Edge will challenge Austin Theory for the U.S. title on Raw this week

Austin Theory, though he needed an assist from Logan Paul to do it, managed to escape the Elimination Chamber with the United States championship at the Elimination Chamber event just last night (Feb. 18, 2023) in Montreal. The way the match played out seemed to make clear he’s finally moving on from Seth Rollins, who will undoubtedly now set his sights on Paul.

When discussing what’s next for him, Theory said he was going to issue an open challenge on Monday Night Raw this week in Ottawa:

Wouldn’t you know it, someone else hit the post-show presser and decided that sounded like a great idea:

“Man, an open challenge. We’re in Ottawa Monday. I haven’t wrestled there in probably 17, 18 years. I haven’t had gold in a while. I mean, I retired as world heavyweight champion. He was a Cena fan, so he’s clearly stupid. Which means... mind you, that being said, I respect Cena because he has work ethic, which is something I don’t know that Austin Theory has and maybe we prove that Monday when I accept his U.S. open challenge ... I think I probably need to kick his teeth down his throat. So that’s going to happen in Ottawa, if he accepts.”

He must have, because WWE quickly announced that the match is set.

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