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Scarlett is removed from the WWE 2K23 roster, more changes made

The WWE 2K23 video game is coming out next month, and the full roster for the game was revealed earlier this week.

The absence of Johnny Gargano’s name from the roster list of 100 wrestlers stood out to many fans. Some folks also got a chuckle out of the fact that GUNTHER’s name was placed alphabetically in the spot where his old gimmick name “WALTER” would have been. The same thing was true for Giovanni Vinci.

Since then, numerous changes have been made to the official roster as it is currently listed on the game’s web site. Here is a rundown of the changes that I’ve noticed:

  • Scarlett has been removed from the roster
  • Johnny Gargano has been added to the roster
  • “MACE” has been changed to “MA.CE”
  • “Mansoor” has been changed to “MAN.SOOR”
  • “DOINK” has been changed to “Doink the Clown”
  • “Seth Rollins” has been changed to “Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins”
  • “Angel Garza” has been changed to “Angel”
  • “Humberto Carillo” has been changed to “Humberto”

It’s also worth noting that the official roster list now does have the correct alphabetic positioning for both GUNTHER and Giovanni Vinci.

Per WrestleZone, 2K has explained that Scarlett will be a manager in the video game, and that’s why she is not listed on the roster of playable wrestlers.

What do you think of the WWE 2K23 roster changes, Cagesiders?

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