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The Mysterios ruined each other’s holiday again

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, and (shout out to the late, great Brodie Lee) you know what that means.

Just like on Thanksgiving and Christmas, it meant a Mysterio family dust-up. Dominik & his Mami (Judgement Day teammate Rhea Ripley) managed to ruin his family’s Turkey Day. When they tried the same trick on Dec. 24, Rey called the cops and Dom ended up doing “hard time”.

It doesn’t seem like Dom & Rhea had bad intentions last night. But either due to a sitcom-esque mix-up or some mind games from Rey, when Mami & her jailbird paramour showed up for their romantic dinner reservation his mom & dad had already claimed it.

Rey & Angie didn’t want any conflict, so they bounced. They did cut off Dom’s credit though. Combine that with the coincidental(?) arrival of some cops (for their own romantic night of fine dining?) and the most wanted man on TikTok got spooked. That left Ripley to pick up the tab.

Does this get us any closer to whatever the Mysterios will be doing at WrestleMania 39? Not sure, but it was worth it learn that ketchup is too spicy for Dominik. What does Mami see in this jabroni?

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